Posted by Western Masters Martial Arts on 08/27/2017

Guillermo Gomez to teach at Healing Warrior Initiative 2017

Guillermo Gomez to teach at Healing Warrior Initiative 2017

We are excited to announce that Guillermo Gomez will be teaching at Healing Warrior Initiative 2017. The Healing Warrior Initiative teaches martial arts, self defense and Zen concepts as an alternate pathway to peace and healing and supports the Wounded Warrior Project, Local VFW and our local Abingdon Veterans Memorial Park.

About Guillermo Gomez

Guillermo Gomez is currently ranked 3rd degree black belt in Aikido by USAF (United States Aikido Federation), Hombu Dojo (Tokyo, Japan) and black belt in Full Contact Karate, Guillermo has trained in Martial Arts for over twenty years in numerous places around the globe, including China's legendary Shaolin Temple. He teaches numerous high profile clients, including police departments, private companies, corporate groups and at industry conventions worldwide.

The owner of Dynamic Zen Productions, with DVDs in retail stores worldwide, Guillermo is an international presenter and the star of numerous workout videos, including Hardcore Kickbox Circuit, Kickbox Underground, South Beach Box, Martial Fusion and Aikido Drills. He has been featured as a consultant, instructor and industry expert on several television shows and national publications including CNN, Fitness, Balance and Muscle and Fitness Magazine. He is also the author of several martial arts training books including Kickboxing and Explore. Transform. Become.

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